Work: I’m Now Available

I attended a workshop on forgiveness a few weeks ago at a Center for Spiritual Living in Florida. The presenter is a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach.

She began the session by inviting attendees to pull a card from the center of the table, where she had a deck of cards spread out, face-down. The back side of the cards had a beautiful illustration of the Hindu God, Ganesha. This god with the elephant head is known as the remover of all obstacles. How appropriate for a workshop on forgiveness.

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The card I pulled was Work, which made me smile. I laughed a little after reading the first line, “I’m now available to receive all who can benefit from my work.” How appropriate for me to have chosen that card. Only a day earlier I was told by a spiritual practitioner that I was exactly where I needed to be – that the company I work for chose me for my unique skills and talents. She also said that I was there to serve a greater good as much as I was there to collect a paycheck.

I’m now available to receive all who can benefit from my work.

God’s been stalking me to recognize that when I’ve “followed my heart” to take on a new role in life, it’s not always about me and what my heart desires. That belief might’ve gotten me to places I’ve been, jobs I’ve worked and relationships I’ve had, but in the end, it’s really about listening to the God within guiding me for the good of the Universe, the Whole.

I’m now available to serve.